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We specialise in participatory practice engaging communities in digital environmental projects that engage people, communities, and organisations to grow and survive by learning about natural models of sustainability, biodiversity, and process based biomimicry. Producing public visual art programs including exhibitions of contemporary art, relational workshops with communities, talks and events to encourage critical and creative engagement through visual art-making. Salt road works with artists, galleries, museums, charities, government bodies and academic partners to respond to archives, buildings and places to make new work and develop digital technologies.

Salt road artists search out meta-narratives found in social movements, history, sustainability and nature; and create linkages between things to create unusual open pathways for partnership working and commissioning.

And what she saw there was a pattern, she was to explain, a pattern forged by the creative ‘look’ that artists posses as they scan the chaotic rubble of ordinary appearances and, through an extraordinary act of selective seeing, manage to extract a series of intervals, of harmonic relationships between darks and lights, an intuition of that organic intermeshing to which could be affixed the term unity. Rosalind E Krauss The Optical Unconscious

Contact: jaime@ saltroad.org.uk

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