Black Hole Club

Salt road is part of the Black Hole Club, an artist group based at Vivid Projects, a collaborative space supporting media arts practice. Based in Birmingham, BHC encourage innovation, risk and experimentation in artistic practice and work with artists and producers across disciplines. Who deliver a regular public programme of events and exhibitions on and off-site and support the regional creative community through Black Hole Club.  Members receive support in developing their practice and will be encouraged to explore new areas, including but not limited to digital art, live performance, experimental audio, film and video, animation and computer-generated art.

As part of the Treeline program, Artists from the Black Hole club are visiting Birmingham’s Biophilic city partners in both Oslo and Vitoria-Gasteiz to set up the network.  Artists will meet with artist, academics environmentalists and curators in the cities as well as city and regional government representatives to agree an exchange programme. The project is based on Global environmental change and the new science of Biomimicry, an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. We will produce a blog about activity carried out to share learning and progress with the artists’ community.

Downfall_aftermath_Black Hole Club launch 2017 photo Antonio Roberts

Artists in the BHC Treeline program:

John Bradburn/Ferric Lux  David Checkley  Daniel Hopkins  Michael Lightborne  Rebecca Mahay  Coral Manton  Jaime Jackson  Kate Spence Leon Trimble