Salt road director Dr Sally Payen is showing her Arts Council England funded ‘The Fence and the Shadow’ Greenham Peace Camp exhibition at the mac in Birmingham, opening on 22nd September 2017.

As part of the mac’s women in protest season Salt road is running a relational engagement program to coincide with the exhibition. Salt road’s Jaime Jackson is working with the relational artists Stephen Whitehead, Margaret Murray and Jane Thakoordin together with communities in Birmingham. We are working together to create content for the mac’s public spaces and also around Greenham, enabling them to interact with archival material to understand the role of the Peace Camp and the women who took part in it. Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp was a 19-year anti-nuclear protest and encampment at the U.S. Military Base at Greenham Common, near Newbury in Berkshire. Many tens of thousands of women took part in protest actions and events, the historic moment of the Greenham Common Peace Camp and anti-nuclear protest have had a huge impact on the history of protest, anti-nuclear campaigning, feminism and women’s issues and has a continued relevance to contemporary issues and ways of campaigning and protesting today.

For more information on the project visit Sally’s Greenham Peace Camp blog