Megan Powell

Megan Powell is an artist, photographer, filmmaker, and storyteller. ‘I use portraiture and cinematography to combine still and moving imagery. I began taking photographs aged seventeen whilst living in a homeless shelter. I used the camera as a survival tool through which I filtered my reality. This provided me with a creative language to articulate my personal experience, establishing a framework to consider the oppositions and interrelationships of ‘Life and Art’.

I utilise narrative to separate my own self from my artist-self, placing my experience into a wider context. I analyse the mythology of the artist, exploring this with a childlike curiosity, rarely resolved and always searching. I aim to emphasise critique over confession, transferring personal experience into a wider, more universal context.

At the core of this exploration is a focus on attachment, connectivity, and patterns of interaction. My work is a process, a narrative, forever being re-written and re-appropriated with each new experience; like utopia, a place of ideals and of nonsense. My narrative is exponential – boundless, and unknowable. My artist self is a vagabond within, oscillating between returning somewhere lost and striving towards a point of congruence. Yet the more I persist, the more elusive it becomes.’