Presencing The Heating Skies – A Call To Action

Biophilic Art and Design – calling empathic action on climate change and adaption..

An Arts Council England funded Climate & Ecology Crisism webinar program that explores models of artful living, research, culture making, showing, public engagement and support.

Invitation to participate 3rd- 5th November- to book for place click this link

‘Presencing is a movement that lets us approach ourself from the emerging future’.

The webinar will consist presentations discussions and art held across three afternoons, and will consider topics including:

Research and learning, Science and Humanities collaborative research and case studies from University of Birmingham and the Basque Centre for Climate Research

Community engagement programs with communities across the west midlands, how we can spread our message and get people active.

Biophilic art and design, artists responses to the climate and ecology crisis.

Networks and programs, ways of supporting and presenting artwork to practitioners curators and audiences, the ground to help us practice and learn.

Models of living, integrating biophilic art and design into cities and communities.

We will conclude with a roundtable workshop to plan follow-on activities and collaboration.

Presencing the Heating Sky is an Arts Council England funded New Leaf Sustainability and Salt Road project in partnership with the University of Birmingham. Linking Birmingham and Cardiff with the Basque Country and Wales through the Biophilic City Network and Culture Declares Emergency. Bringing together different schools and departments in the University of Birmingham, the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3), Cardiff Metropolitan University and the Biophilic City Network.

Moving image still, Professor Marc Neumann Ikerbasque Professor BC3, Environmental modelling, uncertainty, complexity, mitigation and adaptation, engineering

Biophilic art is based on the understanding that culture is at the heart of people’s identity and creativity is essential for us to adapt and change intrenched habits and behaviour. We believe that both artists and designers have a crucial role to play in the dialogue of climate change adaption and mitigation. Biophlic art can open a collaborative place no matter our background and explore our individual relationships to internal nature and external nature Рbringing out a shared vision where art meets science, engineering and social engagement. Biophilic art will create a space to pause, be present and sit with the science of climate and ecological crisis, leading to a series of creative actions.

We believe that both artists and designers have a crucial role to play in the dialogue of climate change adaption and mitigation, this art project will create a space to pause, be present and sit with the science leading to a series of creative actions. We are collaborating with climate change researchers; who are sharing a more personal story about how they came to embody themselves into these subjects to creatively engage a wide audience. The project with explore Biophilia (love of nature), Biomimicry (learning from nature) and as dynamic ways to engage audiences in the art, design and climate crisis dialogue. Based on a new immediacy amongst a growing network of artists, humanities academics and scientists collaborating across disciplines to bring creative, visionary methods to bear on environmental and ecological challenges. We want to base our project in the creativity of civil society and help amplify the environmental voices of communities through stories, narratives and public imagination projects that can lead to new ideas, questions and visions of a sustainable future. To help people engage with their local nature, Biophilia and the science of climate/ecological crisis. Climate science is linked with a creative focused approach to climate change and biodiversity loss stress & trauma. Using a process of co-production and co-creation of stories people work on through digital platforms and traditional analogue ways of engagement.

More about Biophilic art and lead artists Dr Sally Payen & Jaime Jackson