Tree Story' is an exciting and engaging New Leaf and Salt road digital art touch screen app, photography AR and moving image film inclusive participatory art workshop and exhibition installation. Aimed at and co-created by and with young people to encourage new audiences to experience high quality art activities, in response to global environmental change, digital ecologies and the anthropocene.  We will run a set of participatory digital art and film workshops with professional artists, leading to an AR and projection mapped exhibition.

Treestory is connected to our Arts Council England and a-n bursary funded Treeline project.

A draft film from the Tree story project.


Participants will work with artists to develop their unique digital visual art tree portrait using our green screen photo booth and record their own particular tree story about a tree that has been important to them in their lives in the past. The participants will work with the artists to digital edit the tree story to form a collective visual and text narrative which will be uploaded onto the Blippar website and AR trigger image taged to a tree onsite, the works can then bee viewed using smart enabled devices.

treee story Maddie

The theme of the participatory event will be Trees in the context of global governmental change and the new science of biomimicry, allowing people to reconnect to the Trees on site and to each other to co-create a collective 'Tree Story', using art as a way of navigating imaginative experiences, connections and memories and the ecological landscape. 

‘Tree story’ investigates how in order to grow and survive we need to learn about natural models of sustainability and biodiversity, explore how people have looked to nature for answers to problems throughout our existence, through a growing understanding of biomimicry. Biomimicry is a design process that uses nature as design inspiration for human challenges, an example of which could be, ‘re-building capacity in community by learning from the way that nature grows healthy, deep soil’’.

‘Tree story’ aims to change people's attitudes about nature, helping them to value the environment, and to take action. We will be running engaged workshops with participants who will co-create content working with artist to develop their own creative work which will be shown onsite at the end of the workshops as a projection installation, enabling people to make their own individual responses through working with relational artists.

Definition - 'Biomimicry is loosely defined as the mimicking of life using imitation biological systems for the purpose of solving human problems. Treeline will commission five digital and engaged artists to make new digital artworks in response to global environmental change and biomimicry.

‘’It’s only when we understand the meaning of ‘enough’ that we start to accumulate real wealth. As in nature, ‘enough’ gets the job done well; doing or having more than we need wastes time, resources, and ultimately, our lives”.  Andy Middleton 2016 Biomimicry Consulting UK 

This project is connected to New Leaf and Salt road's biomimicry and art program commissioning national and international artists and university researchers to collaborate on Biomimicry, the Digital Ecologies and the Anthropocene. Supported by Arts Council England and the A-N bursary program.