Being Human

Salt road in partnership with Orangeleaf Systems, the School of Advanced Study University of London and the Keep at Sussex University commissioned 8 digital visual artists and programmers to hack archives of the Mass Observation social research organisation, the Mass Observation project and the Ministry of Information. Audience members and workshop participants completed anonymous sample survey forms.

Commissioned artists worked with programmers and archivists to make new work in response to data held at the Mass Observation Archive at Sussex University and related archives. The artworks was exhibited as digital installations and projections for the University of London’s School of Advanced Study’s Being Human Festivals in 2014 and 2015 as well as the Bloomsbury Festival 2015. Being Human Festival is organised by the School in partnership with the Arts & Humanities Research Council and the British Academy.

Mass Observation Hacking the Archive was a salt road moving image commissioned project to relate to the WW2 Ministry of Information and the Mass Observation archives, projected onto Senate House London for the Bloomsbury festival in 2015 and the Being Human festival in 2014.

Projection Insight Lighting. Artists Dan Brown Mash Cinema, Sally Payen, Nathaniel Pitt, Jaime Jackson, Cathy Wade, Michael Faulkner & Matthias Kispert D-Fuse & software developer artist John Sear

The School of Advanced Study is leading research into the history of the Ministry of Information, this project will create new artworks that respond to this research and to that of the M-Ob archive, and their relevance to contemporary international debates and government policy around surveillance and cyber security. Jaime Jackson and John Sear worked with participants at MozFest and Bloomsbury festival to create touch screen generated diptych artworks as part of the projection installation.