Jane Tudge

BOOK TITLE:  Better Late Than Never, 2014
Cedarwood, metal, beeswax, paraffin wax, digital print, watercolour papers, draft paper

Jane Tudge is a visual artist who received her first class degree from Hereford College of Arts in 2006.  She has exhibited with The Crypt Gallery, London; TROVE, Birmingham; The Robert Phillips Gallery, Walton-on-Thames; with her most recent solo, I saw this and thought of you, 2013 at three gallery, Birmingham. She was shortlisted for the National Open Art Competition 2013 and has been selected on a regular basis for the Royal West of England’s Autumn exhibitions and the Ludlow Contemporary Art Shows.

Her book pushes at the interpretation of book art: it is a beehive (the book covers) with the frames acting as pages.  Spellbound by her time turning the pages of Alfred Watkins’ book collection and what she found, she presents an archive of that archive.  It is a cabinet of curiosities containing images from the books, now made into specimens, trapped in beeswax, preserved forever.  Viewers are invited to engage with the piece, take out the frames and see her idiosyncratic delights.  She has emulated the task of the bee, visiting each page of the collection, bringing back what she found to the hive, and making something new within its frames