At Salt Road we work to bring artists to new and challenging locations and projects, to work to integrate creative ideas with other professionals and people. From new developments to working with heritage collections and creating temporary festival events, we value the way that artists can breath life into projects and places.

We worked with the Digital Humanities Hub at the University of Birmingham to create a touch screen app that developed the University's ERDF funded digital table top archive work. The Hub across the Arts and Humanities with cultural and heritage organisations, digital and creative industries and academics to develop collaborative and innovative digital prototypes. Salt road co-created the Diptych (historically a work consisting of two painted or carved panels that are hinged together) maker app which allows participants to curate and edit their own art work responses to digital archive material.

We launched this prototype at the Ikon gallery and in partnership with MozFest and the Being Human Festival for a series of projections onto Senate House, School of advance Studies University of London (below).


senate house projection

Salt road in partnership with Orangeleaf Systems, the School of Advanced Study University of London and the Keep at Sussex University commissioned 8 digital visual artists and programmers to hack archives of the Mass Observation social research organisation, the Mass Observation project and the Ministry of Information.  Audience members and workshop participants completed anonymous sample survey forms.

Commissioned artists worked with programmers and archivists to make new work in response to data held at the Mass Observation Archive at Sussex University and related archives. The artworks will be exhibited as digital installations and projections for the University of London’s School of Advanced Study’s Being Human Festival  15th-23rd November 2014. The festival is organised by the School in partnership with the Arts & Humanities Research Council and the British Academy.

Senate house projection

Jaime Jackson projection installation Senate house


Artworks created of web-based work, interior moving image installations and architectural projections onto the Senate House facade, London. The project explores current issues around hacking, privacy, security and domestic surveillance programs, surveillance and data trawling by government agencies, social media giants and corporations.

sentate house

The project was developed with opportunities to hack the collections and create content for the exhibition in workshops during MozFest October 24th – 26th 2014.



university of birmingham talk


Digital humanites hub talk


university of birmingham presentation

Salt road prototype touch screen photo booth app presentation at the university of Birmingham's Digital Humanities Hub











ikon install 2


ikon workshop

Salt road projection installation using touch screen and
motion capture for an installation workshop at Ikon,
Birmingham for Ikon youth program. With the Digital
Humanities Hub at the University of Birmingham





Digital projection mapping installation for the Bloomsbury Festival 2015


Touch screen app

Salt road touch screen app stages, created with the University of Birmingham's Digital Humanities Hub


Ikon Portrait 2

Ikon portrait



ikon portrait

Ikon youth program Salt road participant digital self-portraits