Treeline artist commission

Treeline is an artist-led project exploring biomimicry and delivered in partnership with sustainability initiatives including Sustainability West Midlands, the University of Birmingham's Birmingham Institute of Forest Research programme and the Biophilic Cities International Partnership.

We are organising an artist/curator exchange between three European cities in the Biophilic city network, to share ideas and make content for a touring exhibition based on biomimcry, biophilia (love of nature) and global environmental change. We are linking Birmingham, Oslo and Vitoria Gastiez, this year through an A-N bursary artist development program.

Birmingham was the centre of the industrial revolution, and the age of enlightenment, is an ecological haven with more parks than any other European city, six million trees, 3,500 hectares of public space, and 250 miles of urban brooks and streams.

This leads from our ACE funded Treeline project where contemporary artists have been commissioned to make work related to process based biomimicry through a collaborative process with the academy.

We will also be showcasing the project at Sluice Art Fair as part of a touring exhibition program.

Treeline is linked to the Biophilic cities program with the project developing in the next stage to link the European and US Biophilic cities in a cross artist commission project.

The artist commission program will involve individual artists taking micro-residencies with academic partners in Science, Geography and the Geo-Humanities, to produce work in response to related biomimicry and environmental academic research.

Digital art creates a powerful opportunity for people to engage with archive collections and their own photography to create new artworks, given the right platforms. New Leaf Sustainable Development Ltd in partnership with Salt road will commission three digital engaged artists to work with geographers and geo humanity academics in universities in micro residences to make new digital artworks in response to natural heritage archives, and orchards & woodland, enabling people to make their own individual artwork through their interaction, the project will create:

  • Five digital artworks that members of the public can adapt, change and add to through their own creativity and participation.
  • A national touring exhibition tour of the artworks.
  • 30 workshops with young people in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Birmingham.

The idea of bringing digital, virtual and real-life landscape experiences together is that they are not mutually exclusive. Conservationists have linked the decline in our wildlife and habitats to the disconnect between children and the natural world (RSPB State of Nature report), by bringing technology and nature together we hope that young people will become more connected to the natural world and the lessons it can teach us.

‘’It’s only when we understand the meaning of ‘enough’ that we start to accumulate real wealth. As in nature, ‘enough’ gets the job done well; doing or having more than we need wastes time, resources, and ultimately, our lives”.  Andy Middleton 2016

‘Treeline’ will run participatory relational practice workshops with young people. Relational artists make art based on people and their social context. The artists work as facilitators rather than makers with the art working as information exchanged between the artist and the viewers. The artists, in this sense, enable people to access their own creativity.



Treeline audio visual installation exhibtion for Borderlines Fim festival 2017

Treeline investigates how in order to grow and survive we need to learn about natural models of sustainability and biodiversity, explore how people have looked to nature for answers to problems throughout our existence, through a growing understanding of biomimicry. Biomimicry is a design process that uses nature as design inspiration for human challenges, an example of which could be, ‘re-building capacity in community by learning from the way that nature grows healthy, deep soil’’.

Presenting a prototype touch screen app at The University of Birmingham's Digital Humanities Hub. Tree story is part of Treeline.







new leaf logo





latitude Jaime Jackson Latitude festival treeline installation water screen lake stage

latitude BBC introducing big screen in the woods installation Latitude 2017

Touch screen app

A prototype digital app which enables people to create their own digital artworks from archives using a touch screen, Ikon gallery installation workshop 2015

We will be working with the BiFoR FACE project at the University of Birmingham


ikon collage workshop

participants print out and start to collage their photographs


ikon gallery installation

ikon gallery projections

Projections of the digital collages at the Ikon gallery

Augented reality applicatiohn for trees

Demonstration of how Augmented Reality digital images, created by people through engaged workshops can be virtually tagged to trees.



Uni of Birmingham Talk CAKE event



touch screen demo 2