Participation project

Brief: My Map: Self Portrait for Presencing the Heating Skies

We invite you to make artwork to explore what would you look like if you were more than you think you are. If the boundaries of yourself encompassed a river, lake, sea, trees field, your house, or street, or even a hill or mountain or a whole city?

Do two portraits, how would you look and feel now, and how would you look and feel in ten years time. Draw your senses where are they? Sight sense of feeling, touch, smell, hearing. Map yourself, where is the nose, the eyes and toes? How does your senses and feeling relate to the idea of the classical elements of fire, water, earth air and space?

How do they feel, what do they sense. Where are the arteries, bones, lungs where is the heart/mind? Whilst making the artwork ask yourself what is your emergency, what effects you now and what do you think will effect you in 10 years time?

You can use writing, drawing, collage, textiles, painting, photography, dancing, music any creative medium you enjoy. We want you to have fun making the art and not to worry if it does not look like you, it is about how you feel! The project invites you to explore what the future looks like and connecting that in terms of climate and nature putting it in your self portrait. Take a walk with your artwork and explore.

We want to exhibit you artworks both on-line and if we can in real life, in unexpected places where people can discover them. With projection mapping and street level installations. They will be presented together as part of our Biophilic (love of nature) art project and on-line seminar on November 4th and 5th , which is a place where artists, scientists and other people are coming together to imagine a world that is more sustainable. We plan to carry on an extend the project after the webinar

This project is called Presencing the Heating Skies (presencing means linking our present with our future). It is made in response to the climate and ecological emergency, where we positively can explore our own emergencies and create a vision of a better world. We are launching this project at our Biophilic Art webinar on the afternoons of the 4th and 5th of November. With the idea that the program extends and grows after that. For moer information and to send you artworks please contact: email@