River Carnival

I was very excited and honoured to work as an artist with the dancer and singer Awantika Dubey based at the Nrityanjali Institute in Mumbai, creating a moving image installation on the river Wye for the Hereford River Carnival.

The work is part of my Biophilic series, developing art work that links dance and moving image with about our connection with nature.

‘Inspired by nature and the natural world Awantika has always known singing and dancing were her destiny and the way she could best express herself. When she performs she feels the divine becomes alive in her’. Awantika was working on a performance and workshop residency at The Fold in Worcestershire.

I was thinking if the moment when we are swimming that we feel a connection to the sea, like for a split second we are the sea, it’s an expansive and disorienting experience. So for this work I layered footage of the river onto Awantika’s costume, like the river was flowing through her, with different colours for different sections of the work.

The 3 meter back projection screen was sited by the river Wye at Victoria bridge.