Ron Haselden

I see bees before my eyes   Led Lights, transparent structures 2014

Go and talk to the bees, paper

I see bees before my eyes continues a series of small works using animated Led lights embedded in transparent structures. They have evolved with my beekeeping activities over a number of years. To date, they have included works entitled Bee, Robber Bees, and Bee Dance.

A pamphlet, Go and talk to the bees, accompanies the work, produced through participation in the Outrider project,  which explores the book collection and life of the beekeeper, photographer, writer,  and inventor Alfred Watkins who lived in Herefordshire from 1855 to his death in 1935.  Beekeeping, from ancient times to the present, has fascinated and absorbed the interest of many, often prompted by the desire to align human values with bee behaviour, much of which continues to remain unexplainable.