Women At Work

Women at Work is a Project Link CIC project exploring Women’s Suffrage. We worked in communities and provided workshops in Photography Collaging, 3D Modelling and Texturing; and Digital Image Editing. A Worcester and it’s region project, which focuses on the heritage of local and regional women activists during and after WWI. The project highlights women who made changes to emancipation, science, engineering, politics, art and workers rights. The project explored an extensive archive, curated by the historian Jenni Waugh, based on the following pinoeering women:

Amy Walford, artist and Bromsgrove Guild member.
Ethel Shakespear, geologist and social worker.
Isabel Margesson, political activist, suffragist.
Lucy Baldwin campaigner for maternal welfare.
Marion Richardson pioneer art teacher, artist.
Mary MacArthur, union and workers rights activist.

The archive has been presented to youth groups and artists alike. A selection of their works have been used as resources with which guest artist Mairead McVeigh has constructed digital 3D models for display as a means of elevation for these key women in history. The omnipresence and immortalised digital representations of their artwork on multiple platforms intends to educate, and to spark interest in young people and adults alike and to encourage visits to these key sites and objects as related to the history/herstory of Women’s Rights.

This was a time when women changed society through protest and hard work to make it more equal, this project draws strength from them to show us that today that we too can challenge injustices, and tackle today’s big problems like catastrophic climate change and prejudice, just like these powerful women and men who supported them 100 years ago. We have run workshops engaging with young people and adults in schools, colleges and community group, so people could make their own artwork in response to these women and their work.

Project Link CIC would like to all our participants as well as the artists Jaime Jackson and Mairead McVeigh. This project is dedicated to all people who stand up for change, to make our world a better place to live.

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We have delivered 17 workshops to create community events for Project Link engaging with young people and adults in schools, colleges and community groups to make digital collages based on the archives.

We worked with archivists, heritage specialists, academics and communities from the Women’s History Network, the Hive in Worcester,  Worcester Community Trust and Worcestershire Council.

The project helped people who will learn about heritage and gain digital skills by:

1. Taking part in workshops to learn about the heritage.
2. Making content and help create work for presentation on a digital platform, which will enable young people to understand the heritage in a fun and accessible way by incorporating their own digital interpretations of the archives.
3. Sharing what they have learnt, by helping design and create a celebratory heritage community exhibition.

Women At Work has developed from the ideas of participants in other heritage projects and the Women’s History Network’s Voices of Women in the Great War and its Aftermath conference at the Black Country Living Museum, April 2018. We will use archive document sources evidencing the lives, families and general contexts for a number of Worcestershire women who were active in the fight for women’s equality.

In previous heritage projects young people have expressed an interest to co-create the content for a digital project that they will understand and will have meaning for them. They wanted an interactive or games-based project they could co-create and access through their smart phones. For accessibility we will provided smart tablets for young people with barriers to access of new and smart technology. We made this equipment available to community partners so they could continue to use the project after we have finished. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augmented_reality